Jesus Christ Forgives, Why Can’t Society Forgive????


Good Morning Family,

This is my second blog on my blog site and I have been researching stories about second chances for the felon population. I have read a lot of success stories, but even more stories of failure in society as a felon. The blog site “Do Felons Deserve a Second Chance? is a very good site for people to get information and to vent about their own personal struggles as a felon and while the stories of felons who were lucky enough to be “chosen” there are still millions of others out there that are not lucky enough to be “chosen”. After reading several responses, I ran across this one response that describes what it is really like for a felon in what they call “America, Home of the free, Land of the Brave”. My question today for America is this…Jesus Christ forgives, Why can’t Society Forgive?


“Okay this has to be the most closed minded thing ever read in all of my years of living. Do you really understand how quickly people go back to prison. Just because you have gotten a lucky break in life doesn’t mean it happens to everyone. You are the exception not the rule. I can’t even get into a college because of my criminal background. No flipping burgers or anything. Yes, many people make mistakes in life and should they get a second chance? I believe it’s in America’s best interest to give them a chance. You talked about how much it would cost taxpayers to help transition these guys back into society. Obviously don’t know anything about recidivism. One thing that keeps ex-cons from acting out again is by having a fulfilling job. With that said, in order to house a prisoner it’ll cost about $40,000 a year. So you can house them for a while in hopes that they don’t act out again or you can house them behind bars for a lifetime. Everyone deserves a second chance. The sad part is half of the people that don’t want to give people second chances call themselves followers of Christ.”


2 thoughts on “Jesus Christ Forgives, Why Can’t Society Forgive????

  1. To everyone that will read this report. Should inform that 51 years old now also convicted felon, and do feel the diversity discrimination. Would like to point out the felon that earned is called unlawful access to computer 1st degree, and Commerce counterfeit of good, service. In the state of Kentucky felonies are broken down into four classes (A, B, C, and D). The two felons that received are both class D, and they are the only criminal records that have ever had. Should tell the story how this happen. Own video game store due to large amount of molded game systems, and copy games that were brought to the United States by service member also seen large amount of them being brought into store. Did ask local FBI about the do, and don’t, and was told if don’t sell the system as molded, or sell the games that would be in the clear. That what did only sold the system as just game systems, and sold none of the copy games. Every game that had that was copy game was tack on the wall as an example of what not to buy. Then August, 07, 2007 at night twenty-three cops a.k.a KBI Kentucky Bureau Investigation show up with guns, and placed under arrest for selling molded game systems, and games. After going to court six times and getting post pone finely was told should take 5 years probation, and pay $1000.00 fine they would not take further with jail time. Now that knows the short version of the story let inform conviction with time line. The date of probation was August, 07, 2007 to August, 07, 2012, and to date is August, 10, 2013. Also should point out that retired from the United State Army, and that have earn Bachelor Degree on December 31st 2013. What like point out is every job that have applied for have not called back. The jobs that have gone to interview have asked about the question when read that marked yes to question about felon record. Then they inform that due having felon record they can’t further the interview to employment due to felon record. All want is to consider the nature of the job, the nature and seriousness of the offense, and the length of time since it occurred before discrimination.

    • Hello Billy,

      Thank you for your response. I have read your story and it sounds all to familiar. My husband has a BS in Chemical Engineering and an AA in Human Behavior but due to some felonies that are 10 years old or more he too has gone through the same loop holes as you. This is why I have created a bill; The Advocates Against Felon Employment Discrimination Act, that has been handed over to Congressman Mark Takano of the 41st district here in California, and he has taken it to Washington, DC for review. Now this bill is not just for ex-offenders who live in California but for all ex-offenders everywhere who have been deprived of earning an honest living wage. I urge you and other’s that you know to go to and look under the name of the bill; The Advocates Against Felon Employment Discrimination Act, and sign the petition and take the pledge to support this bill because the more signatures it gets, the better. Thank you again for your reply and God Bless…May Pratt

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